Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Marion Fuget (Left) and George Small are seen in this 1963 photo surrounded by curious (and some bored) children at Jalisco's state-run orphanage, Hospicio Cabanas, then located on the outskirts of Quadalajara. Small, acknowledged to be one of Quadalajara's earliest Gringo settlers, was chairman of the Alliance for Compassion --- the forerunner of what would eventually evolve to be the Mexico Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of America. Other Explorers and Pioneers, including Fuget, Ernie Chavez, Bill Bailey, Larry Kegan, Bill Coe and Joe Miller --- to name a few --- banded together in charitable endeavors to aid some of Quadalajara's most needy. For many, the days of Tequila, Senoritas y Mariachis, had grown old. It was time to give back to the community that had --- with a few notable exceptions --- welcomed their differently abled neighbors from the North with brazos abiertos. I could write a book --- and I kinda/sorta remember doing that --- about just some of what these "old-timers" overcame and accomplished. The Alliance for Compassion, as noted in a 1964 article in the Paraplegia News, comprised of folks who shyed away from the limelight. "What baffles everyone in the big American colony here is that nobody seems to want any credit, nobody wants his name in the local papers, nobody even wants to admit he was part of it." "Wheelers throw king-size party for orphans." (QUADALAJARA --- The Utopia That Once Was, page 150.) Both Small and Fuget passed away in their adopted hometown South-of-the-Border. George Small, upon his death, left money specifically for Mexico's poorest children.

Monday, March 19, 2007


Not many folks remember Patrick Wolf. Only one living person who I know of even remembers him. Patrick Wolf checked out Quadalajara in March of 1958 --- a mere 49 years ago! Wolf and fellow Pioneer, Bill Bailey, were personally escorted from the Long Beach VA Hospital to George Ray's Place by Ray's then-partner, Bill Macleary. Unlike Bailey, who became the first Gringo wheeler to marry a local Mexican senorita and make Quadalajara his new home, Wolf visited for a while and returned stateside. One can only speculate on why Patrick Wolf never returned to Quadalajara. If I were (still) a betting man, I'd give you the two primary reason why Wolf never returned --- health (always reason number one) and need. It's not necessary to explain the health reason. The pitfalls of being a quad or para were even greater a half century ago! Unlike his quadriplegic "cousins", Wolf ---an independent paraplegic --- did not need an attendant or nurse to care for him. I'm sure that he found Quadalajara to be an intriguing getaway, but the young man with the Hollywood looks could probably get around and get by in sunny Southern California without much assistance. Whatever happened to Patrick Wolf? Maybe some day someone out there will tell us?

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Chuck Hawkins "enjoys" a night out on the town with "Bro" Jack and former "Anderson Girl" turned Mariachi Singer, Esperanza, at Quadalajara's club "El Sarape"! 1979

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After being bid up to a high of $48.36 on late last month, prices for QUADALAJARA --- The Utopia That Once Was have fallen dramatically amongst rumors that the current book offer of $19.95 is due to expire on April Fool's Day! (See post from February 25th.) Jittery Amazon sellers of "used" --- and in some cases, "new" or "brand new" --- copies "of suspect origin" of the book appear worried that they might not so easily profit from my hard work? QUADALAJARA - still, only $19.95 & S&H, inscribed and signed by the author:

Monday, March 05, 2007


"Newcomer" Jack Myrick (left) with '50s Explorers & Pioneers, Ray "Doc" Foland, George Ray, Bob Barrett and Joe Miller in mid '60s Quadalajara photo.
For those Myspace types, there are some cool black & white photos of some of Quadalajara's earliest Explorers and Pioneers from the '50s and early '60s (photos 13-24) at my space As soon as I can I'll put some up here.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


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