Friday, January 25, 2008

QUADALAJARA - Feedback From a "Friend" of OPRAH

Hello Jack!

I loved your book and the adventures you went on and couldn't believe your courage to move forward such as when you were traveling home and needed a visa for your attendant and just pushed until you got it... and when you had the 2nd accident on your way home and dealt with that like the soldier you are... you are just full of spit and vinegar!

I knew that your story would reflect the class of a boy from Providence College, since I knew the caliber of the men that came out of that school... good Catholic boys, lets say.

Your desire to help your community down in Quadalajara, and the many friends you have made and how you loved the brotherhood that you found there. The women who you met throughout your journeys were adored by a romantic with an white knight attitude towards the ladies! Yes, classy is what you are, a good New Englander on the road.

I am glad I read that book and got to know you through those words... you are quite a man, Jack. That was quite a story. I ate it up, barely stopping to take a drink... it was that good!

Hearing this side of the story was heart lifting and tells a story about the human spirit that goes beyond just surviving, but tells a story of brotherhood, community and actually making a place such as a UTOPIA happen! The fact that you men worked together to keep each other going: sharing your living spaces when one or the other of you needed a helping hand, finding people to help you get along, YOU getting your car adapted to court a woman! It was like nothing was impossible in that atmosphere, and if you had stayed in the VA or at home, you would of been sheltered from all your experiences ... you actually did make a place on this earth that was filled with love, care, adventure and possibility.

So many people with various problems, from loneliness to real hard to deal with diseases that unfortunately humanity creates an unwelcome atmosphere to live in, would love to have found a place on earth where they felt welcome and "a part of" such a community.

Oprah should read this book and she should meet you. You are a self made man and she loves stories like yours and people like you. Your book needs to be read not just because of the place called Quadalajara, but because of a man named Jack Tumidajski, who kept pushing along no matter what happened! I am very impressed Jack. You are a very good writer, BTW. I read the book in like one day and a half !!!! Awesome!!!!

Laura, MA


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Published Authors Directory - Arizona Authors Association

Injured FIVE days after returning safely home from Vietnam, Jack Tumidajski spent the next two years in hospitals and rehab centers. Now a quadriplegic, he faced a bleak future living the life of a shut-in, until he "rolled the dice" and journeyed to Guadalajara, Mexico in search of a second chance at life. Jack's book, QUADALAJARA - The Utopia That Once Was, chronicles the lives of hundreds of spinal cord injured veterans from WWII, Korea and Vietnam who ventured into uncertainty and discovered paradise South of the Border. After residing in Mexico for most of the seventies --- where he was thrice honored as the "Outstanding Member" of the Mexico Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of America --- Jack settled in Arizona. QUADALAJARA has received an Honorable Mention Award from the 2007 Hollywood Book Festival "Celebrating books worthy of further attention by the film and TV industries", as well as, a Military Writers Society of America Distinguished Book Award (Presented at MWSA's "Salute to the Military", San Diego, October 2006).
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