Friday, August 20, 2010

Your GREAT Book!!

Hi Jack,

I received the signed copy of your book earlier this week...thank-you!! Just finished reading the book, WOW!! I had a vague recollection of hearing the name Quadalajara, must have been from Ron Kovac's movie "Born of the Fourth of July". I am so happy that by chance I found your book and now have the true story. You have done a fantastic job!!

I have been in a wheelchair since 1973, T-2 Para from motorcycle accident at age 15 years. I love Mexico and have traveled to Mexico many times over the years. You have now inspired me to check-out Guadalajara. While I don't expect to experience the great lifestyle you had, I am sure there will be some great times. Any recommendations on where to stay/go in the areas you were??

Anyway Jack, you and the group of guys in Quadalajara are a real inspiration! I hope one day to see a movie made from your book, it is warranted. I will be ordering additional copies of your book in the near future to share with friends.

Thanks again for the great read Jack!!

Glen Gregos

(I agree with Glen...books make excellent gifts! A must read for those who think they know a little about disabled veterans who once lived in Mexico and for babyboomers and others who appreciate inspirational true stories about veterans and those society considers "handicapped" :)

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