Thursday, April 23, 2009


OK, so my BIG day was yesterday...but I was too busy CELEBRATING to BLOG!!! That must mean that I celebrate a whole lot! :) (See Chapter Five of QUADALAJARA - The Utopia That Once Was, pages 53 - 56.)

Anyway, on to today: I received my advanced copy of the May issue of the Paraplegia News. Being a PN "contributor" has it's benefits.

My article --- which is an edited excerpt from chapter thirteen of my book --- appears on the last page, "And Finally."

Ironically, the first name mentioned was that of Maria Elena (Bailey). Ironic because today is my Comadre Maria Elena's birthday. (You'll have to ask her how young she is --- unless you have a copy of the book...or read the article and care to 'do the math'.)

I'm a bit 'rusty' but I'll do my best to upload the wedding photo of "Quadalajara's first Love Connection."