Sunday, March 30, 2008


Hi Jack!

I finished your book this weekend. It was definitely one of those "can’t put down" ones; I loved it.

Your story was so interesting, with such moments of joy and sadness.

Personally, it brought back memories of two of my quad friends. My neighbor, Tim, as I mentioned, and a KDKB request line caller, Steve, who became a friend for 15 years.

Tim was fortunate to live independently, Steve, was trapped in a nursing home, but the most positive person I ever met. Your book made me miss them, both.

I always felt so blessed to count those guys among my friends. Most people don’t get a chance to befriend quads, or even many paras in every day life.

I never gave much thought about institution vs. independence until I read your book. So many things to think about! What a GREAT story that so needed to be told!!!

Jack, I would love to have you on to chat a tiny bit about your book. Go to and sign up for "My Three Songs". That way, we can play 3 of your favorite KOOL songs from that era and tell a quick story or two.

Thanks again for bringing such a glimpse to the world!!!