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Not many folks remember Patrick Wolf. Only one living person who I know of even remembers him. Patrick Wolf checked out Quadalajara in March of 1958 --- a mere 49 years ago! Wolf and fellow Pioneer, Bill Bailey, were personally escorted from the Long Beach VA Hospital to George Ray's Place by Ray's then-partner, Bill Macleary. Unlike Bailey, who became the first Gringo wheeler to marry a local Mexican senorita and make Quadalajara his new home, Wolf visited for a while and returned stateside. One can only speculate on why Patrick Wolf never returned to Quadalajara. If I were (still) a betting man, I'd give you the two primary reason why Wolf never returned --- health (always reason number one) and need. It's not necessary to explain the health reason. The pitfalls of being a quad or para were even greater a half century ago! Unlike his quadriplegic "cousins", Wolf ---an independent paraplegic --- did not need an attendant or nurse to care for him. I'm sure that he found Quadalajara to be an intriguing getaway, but the young man with the Hollywood looks could probably get around and get by in sunny Southern California without much assistance. Whatever happened to Patrick Wolf? Maybe some day someone out there will tell us?


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Pat moved back to Long Beach, California around 1964. He enrolled in Art classes at California State University, Long Beach. He did sculpture and later on produced some films. He was not service-connected, therefore, he did not do so well financially. He was a soft-spoken, well-educated man.

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